Terms of Service

Effective: May 20, 2024


Thank you for your interest in using our Discord bots. Before using them, please carefully read, understand, and accept the corresponding privacy policy.

This is a legally binding agreement between tibue99 ("I", "My", "CookieBot") and you ("Your"). By using our Discord bots, their website, their dashboards, and other related products (collectively referred to as "CookieBot", "Bot", or "Service"), you agree to the following terms of use. Please read these carefully. In case of doubt, the owner of the server where CookieBot is located will be liable and referred to as "You" in these terms.

To fully understand and agree to these terms, you must first read, understand, and accept the terms of use of Discord Inc. ("Discord") (available at https://discord.com/terms).

These terms may be regularly updated by me by publishing a new version on this website. In the event of significant changes to this policy, I will inform you through a notice within the service before these changes take effect. Your continued use of the service after the effective date is subject to the new terms of use.

Connection with Discord

CookieBot is a bot for the chat platform "Discord" (accessible at https://discord.com), provided by Discord Inc. This service allows you to use the public Discord API. The API documentation is accessible at https://discord.dev/, including the terms of use and privacy policy.

CookieBot strictly adheres to Discord's "Developer Terms". CookieBot does not intend to, attempt to, or knowingly abuse any of Discord's services. You may not use this service and the provided features other than as intended. You may not use CookieBot in any way that could violate these terms or Discord's terms. If you discover someone abusing CookieBot's features, please let me know as soon as possible.


You may provide images or other media when accessing CookieBot's services. Additionally, CookieBot can generate personalized media, such as creating a transcript for a Discord channel. By providing media for CookieBot or using the service, you expressly agree that these media will be stored on CookieBot's servers. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy.


You may not derive or attempt to disclose the source code of CookieBot through reverse engineering. You may only use the services for your personal, non-commercial use and only in a manner that complies with all laws applicable to you.


With CookieBot, you can send messages to Discord channels without the responsible person for these messages being clearly identified. Therefore, the owner of a Discord server is responsible for the messages or actions of the bot. You may NOT do the following:

  • Send any form of advertising through CookieBot's messaging system.

  • Use CookieBot on servers that violate Discord's community guidelines or use CookieBot in a way that violates those guidelines.

  • Directly access CookieBot's backend. While using the services, automatic API calls are made to CookieBot's backend. You are not allowed to manually execute API calls.

  • Access CookieBot's services using automated technologies such as bots or other software (e.g., through "scraping").

Outages and Termination

I actively develop new features and fix bugs to improve CookieBot. Features may be added or removed. Although I strive to avoid disruptions, I cannot guarantee that there will be no outage or change to the service, and the service may be unavailable due to such outages or changes. I am not liable for such outages or changes.

I reserve the right to prevent you from using the service for any reason, with or without notice.

Use of Your Trademarks

By using CookieBot's services, you grant us all necessary rights to use your trademarks (such as the name and logo of your server) for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing purposes.

Third-Party Services

CookieBot may use content from other websites or services without being affiliated with or endorsing them. CookieBot is not responsible for products developed by third parties.

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